How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Will Get You Noticed – Video Mini-Training

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With over 660 million users on LinkedIn, how do you stand out from the crowd?

As a Freelance Service Professional your use of LinkedIn differs from the millions of people who are in full time employment.

You want your potential clients to find you, be impressed with what they see, and have a clear idea of how you can help them.

Your LinkedIn profile page must communicate clearly; who you are, what you do, and what you do to help your customers reach their goals.

Here are five ways you can polish up your profile to make sure you get seen by your prospects.

Auditing Business Performance


Businesses owners are constantly searching for new strategies and techniques to help them grow faster and be more efficient.

There is a well established tool, with many variations, that is of immense help to any business, yet is ignored by many.

This is the performance audit.

20 Techniques That Will Make You an Influential Leader

Influential Leader

Most of us are not born leaders. Most of us aspire to be leaders, and most of us look up to at least one authority figure in our lives.

Leadership is not just something that you are born with. While there certainly are a few “natural born leaders,” most people will develop the skills that make them great leaders through deliberate practice and careful study.

Here are 20 tips on what makes a great leader.