Jumpstart Your Group: How to Run a Mastermind

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Are you looking for ways to jumpstart your Mastermind Group?

If so, you’re in the right place!

Masterminds are a great way to get like-minded people together and help each other out.

But a mastermind group isn’t just a social activity with your friends and business partners.

If done right, a Mastermind Group can be extremely transformative for everyone involved.

A Mastermind can provide the support and advice you need to succeed.

Link Management Group’s Inner Circle is a great example of a Mastermind Group.

Joining our Inner Circle is like joining a special club where you can learn lots of new and exciting things.

Inner Circle members share ideas and help each other grow.

Members also get to learn from all the different people in the group who have different skills, experiences, and perspectives.

You can get a great deal out of joining such a group, but you can also create your own with just a little planning.

This simple guide will provide an overview of how masterminds work, the benefits they offer, and tips on how to start your own.

How Mastermind Groups Work

A Mastermind Group is made up of like-minded individuals who come together regularly to provide each other with guidance and support.

Each person takes turns discussing their successes, challenges and opportunities for growth.

The group then provides feedback, ideas, resources and advice – essentially creating an open space for brainstorming solutions.

One great thing about the Mastermind Group format is that it allows the collective wisdom of the participants to drive the conversation, so everyone gets something out of it. 

The Benefits of Running Your Own Mastermind Group

Since a Mastermind Group is an invitation-only group of like-minded individuals, when you run the group, you get to invite who you want.

By running your own Mastermind Group, you’ll have access to an exclusive network of smart and successful people who can help you achieve your goals.

Another benefit of being part of a Mastermind Group is that it helps members stay motivated.

When the group comes together to discuss plans and goals, it helps members stay focused on what they want to accomplish.

Plus, when a member has a success, it can give others the extra push they need to reach their own goals.

Mastermind Groups offer accountability and can be incredibly empowering for achieving any goal big or small.

The members of the group hold each other accountable for following through on their commitments.

This type of peer accountability can help keep everyone motivated and inspired as they work towards their individual goals.

Running a Mastermind Group can be a lot of fun!

As your group grows you will meet new people who are all working towards something great.

Finally, your status within your own network will grow as your contacts will see you as a thought leader in your sector.

How to Start Your Own Mastermind

Starting your own mastermind group is a great way to tap into the collective genius of like-minded individuals, and it can be a lot of fun too!

If you’ve been thinking about creating your own mastermind group, here are some guidelines for getting started. 

1. Decide on a Type and Purpose

There are several types of mastermind groups.

Some are based around a mission or goal that you and the other members work toward together.

It could be a personal change in your lives, or it could be a change in the world that you’d like to see.

The first step for this type is to choose your goals.

Other mastermind groups are based around a certain topic where all the members pool their expertise and offer each other advice.

In this case, your first step is to choose the right topic that’s not too broad or too specific.

To get ideas, you might want to look at mastermind groups that are being offered in your niche.

2. Choose Your Members

For your first group, it’s a good idea to personally choose the members initially.

First, think about the type of people you want to include in your group.

They should be people who are easy for you to relate to personally.

You’re going to spend a great deal of time together and grow together, so these need to be people you like.

Who will be most interested in the topics you’ll be discussing?

What kind of skills or perspectives can they bring to the table?

Think about the type of people who would offer the most value to other members.

Who do you know with interesting experiences and deep expertise?

Try reaching out to people who have different backgrounds and experiences than yours so that you can get a wide range of ideas and perspectives.

Go through your network and make a big list, and then narrow it down to the right number.

Then, you can potentially add other members once it gets going.

3.   Set the Ground Rules and Guidelines

Decide on the ground rules to your mastermind group. These decisions include things like:

  • Decide on how often and when everyone should meet.
  • You can also decide if everyone should meet virtually or in-person (or both).
  • Think how long each session will run
  • Whether sessions will be topic-based and what those topics are
  • Rules and guidelines for changing members
  • Any other rules you feel need to be in place.

You should create a document that lays down these rules and guidelines so that you can easily explain them to potential members.

Remember that these are rules to help the group work more smoothly and offer the most value possible, not to restrict members.

4.   Run Your Mastermind

Finally, it’s the big day of your first meeting.

As the leader of the group, you act as facilitator.

This doesn’t mean that you’re “running” the group, but just making sure it moves along according to agenda and follows the rules you’ve put down.

A great way to plan your mastermind group is to first check out or join a few existing groups to see what they do during their meetings.

This will give you an idea of what to do and what not to do in your own group. 

Jumpstart, Then Develop Your Mastermind Group

Jumpstarting your Mastermind Group is a simple and effective way to increase your network.

You don’t need to be an expert or a leader to get started, just have an open mind and the willingness to learn from one another.

With the tips and techniques shared in this article, you can easily get your Mastermind off the ground.

So why wait?

Start up your own Mastermind Group today and see what great ideas come out of it!

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