Start a Business With Little or No Money – Part 4


In this series we have already looked at eight different service businesses you could start pretty quickly and with minimal budget.

All the business ideas I have suggested so far serve some basic human needs. Needs which are always there, regardless of the economic climate.

This time I am going to extend the scope a little and suggest some businesses which serve “wants” rather than “needs”.

They may be less recession-proof, but they all have the potential to be solid income generators.

Start a Business With Little or No Money – Part 2


As we discussed in part one, having a great work history and ethic does not guarantee that you will keep your job.
The only real way that you can keep your job is not put yourself in the position to be fired or laid-off.
You have to become your own boss.
Below are two more examples of service businesses that need little or no money up front. And because they serve some basic human needs, they are likely to be recession-proof if run well.

Start a Business With Little or No Money – Part 1


If you have been laid-off because of the COVID-19 pandemic, now might be a good time to consider your next career move.

Will you seek to go back into full time employment or join the millions of people who have learned the only sure way to never be fired or laid-off again is to be the boss.

The best way to be the boss is to start your own business.

Here are a few example recession-proof businesses can your start with little or no money

How To Pick a Business Name – Legal Considerations

Choosing a Business Name

A business name can be a huge factor in the ultimate success or failure of the entity. Unfortunately, many people fail to give a lot of thought to it prior to moving forward. There are many factors to consider including something memorable, a name related to your area of work and, potentially, the availability of the domain name.

How Successful Entrepreneurs Handle Failure

Handling Failure

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful in business? Many characteristics and habits are common to those who excel in their entrepreneurial pursuits. How entrepreneurs handle failure is one area where perspective plays a powerful role.