Solopreneur or Family Business?

Family Business

For those of us with a family, being a solopreneur can be a challenge.

Even though you have chosen to run a one-person business, you may not be living a solo life.

And it is true, when people think about work and having children, they often think of all the potential negatives.

Obviously, starting a solopreneur business when you are also a parent is a lot of extra work.

Managing an entire business and a family can leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed.

But we are entrepreneurs at heart.

True entrepreneurs always looks for the positives in any situation.

So while there may be some negatives to starting a solopreneur business as a parent, there are many benefits as well.

For example, children can actually help grow your business.

I know this sounds odd, but it is true.

Let’s find out exactly how your children can help your solopreneur business grow to new heights.

1. Kids Can Give You Wacky Ideas

Many people don’t take what young children say very seriously.

After all, much of what comes out of their mouths is creative nonsense.

Children are not bound by adult logic, reason, reality.

They are still creating their own world and exploring the possibilities of life.

As a solopreneur, you can harness that sense of wonder as inspiration to help your business become more successful and unique.

Kids have the wackiest ideas.

Although they sound weird at first, their ideas are little bit genius in their simplicity and effectiveness.

Talk to your children about what you do, then ask them what they think.

Sometimes, all it takes is a really random suggestion by your child to come up with new products or ways to promote your services.

2. Your Family Can Introduce You To More Potential Clients

Kids want to have really active social lives, complete with a lot of play dates end sleepovers.

Although this is a lot of work to you, it does give you the opportunity to meet other parents.

More parents can also mean more potential clients and customers.

Now, don’t be “that parent” who takes every opportunity to bombard other Mums and Dads with your sales pitch.

But it certainly does not hurt to mention how you can help people if the situation ever arises.

Even if the other parents do not meet your business’ target demographic, those parents may be able to recommend you to other people who do.

Its all about growing your personal network.

3. Kids Are Free Promotion

All children are excited to show up and represent their parents.

That is, until they become preteens and teenagers who care about looking cool.

Still, young children look up to their parents and would be more than happy to be free promotion.

If you have merchandise shirts, you can easily have one made in their size for them to wear to school or other functions.

Plus, young children are likely to tell other adults what you do if you can explain your work to them in an easy to remember way.

If you integrate your child into the production or services, they’re even more likely to be eager to tell other people about it.

If your business serves a local area, your children can help you deliver flyers in the neighbourhood.

4. Family Keeps You Motivated

Children are a hassle at times, but they are some of the best motivations.

As parents, we want our children to have the best lives possible.

Because of this fact, your children can help you stay motivated, even when you feel tired or rundown.

So, children can be a great help when it comes to running a solopreneur business.

Whether it’s their odd commentary that leads to innovative services or free promotion, children really can help you grow your business without even trying.

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