Category: Startups

01 Mar

Buying a Business – a few things to consider.

Buying a business can be a good way to become your own boss. But how do you know which business is right for you? And how can you tell...

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03 Feb

6 Ways To Fund Your New Business

Here are a few of the most common ways to finance your new business without hitting ol' Peter up for a loan. No matter what financing method you choose, you...

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11 Nov

How To Pick a Business Name – Legal Considerations

A business name can be a huge factor in the ultimate success or failure of the entity. Unfortunately, many people fail to give a lot of thought to it...

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15 Apr

How Successful Entrepreneurs Handle Failure

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful in business? Many characteristics and habits are common to those who excel in their entrepreneurial pursuits. How entrepreneurs handle failure is...

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25 Mar

What is Entrepreneurship?

When discussing entrepreneurship, I have found it helps to clarify exactly what the word means to us. Beyond the dictionary version, there are considerations that can determine how our...

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17 Feb

4 Rules For New Entrepreneurs – Practical Tips For Starting Right

It's a great time to be an entrepreneur. In the past decade, new technology and services have levelled the playing field and propelled an entrepreneurial revolution. As an entrepreneur,...

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