Selling is Serving

Smiling Salesman

There is a popular misconception that selling is a dark art. If this is how you think, selling your own products and services can be a daunting prospect.

Try this method of reframing selling to be exciting and something you enjoy?

Five-Steps to Deal With Challenging Customer Situations

Angry Face

Customer service sometimes means dealing with angry, frustrated, or rude customers. How you deal with them could make or break your business.

Follow my five-step process for dealing with difficult customers.

Make More Money as a Freelance Professional

Charge what you are worth

One of the biggest challenges with a freelance business is getting paid what you are worth.

The root of the problem isn’t that the client doesn’t have the money or is unwilling to pay you what you are worth. It could be how you are creating value in the mind of the client.

Up-Servicing: Creating Superior Customer Value Through Up-Selling Valuable Add-Ons


Think of Up-selling as “Up-Servicing”. Surveys and research has found that offering products your customers might find useful is a proactive effort on your part that conclusively leads to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

COQ – Continuous Opportunity Qualification


Are You Going To Win?

Constant qualification is the process of continuously evaluating all your opportunities. You need to keep checking that you still want to and should be bidding.

When a large opportunity is important to you, you can get so caught up in it that you fail to notice the red flags which indicate you are unlikely to win. Being fully engaged in the wrong opportunities diverts valuable resources and time away from other, more suitable, opportunities.

First off, you need to understand the importance of having a formal bid/no bid process. This is to help you understand when and why you should bid.