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16 Sep

Up-Servicing: Creating Superior Customer Value Through Up-Selling Valuable Add-Ons

Think of Up-selling as "Up-Servicing". Surveys and research has found that offering products your customers might find useful is a proactive effort on your part that conclusively leads to...

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09 Sep

6 Nasty Truths about Email Selling

Fear of rejection? Getting blocked by gatekeepers and voicemail? "I'll just email instead." We all know how much everyone hates e-mail spam. Even so, many salespeople are still sending...

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26 Aug

How to Genuinely Enjoy Cold Calling

When we're only focused on making the sale, this is not a natural meeting place for both people. We look at cold calling as an opportunity to assist. Helping...

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22 Jul

COQ – Continuous Opportunity Qualification

Are You Going To Win? Constant qualification is the process of continuously evaluating all your opportunities. You need to keep checking that you still want to and should be...

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03 Jun

Stick To the Script – Every Word Matters

Some words are better than others. Some words are stronger and more evocative than others. When you are on the phone with a prospect, you have about 10 seconds...

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06 May

Overcoming Voice Mail Challenges

If you run your own business, sales and cold calling is part of your weekly, if not daily routine. But how do you get your prospect to return you...

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08 Apr

Using Boss Mode to Get Past the Gatekeepers

There have been many, many books and articles written about the art of creating rapport with prospects. Usually what it boils down to is being as like the prospect...

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