How Mastermind Group Membership Can Transform Your Business

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A mastermind is a group of people who get together to work on a common goal.

A goal usually related to professional growth.

It’s a meeting of peers sharing their experiences and expertise, giving each other advice and support.

Mastermind groups are popular among professionals because they can be extremely transformative.

Mastermind Groups Enable You to Grow

People join mastermind groups because they give you a chance to challenge yourself and work towards your goals with the help of supportive, invested peers.

When you feel you are up against a barrier and you can’t break through to the next level, a mastermind group can help you do that.

Create Deep and Lasting Relationships

Through this group, you’ll create deep and lasting relationships with people in your network.

It’s a great way to partner with others and share a valuable, possibly life-changing experience together.

This dynamic lasts long after the meetings are over.

It gives you the chance to form a relationship like this with new people in your business network.

Commit and Be Accountable

One of the reasons mastermind groups are so effective at creating lasting change is that they teach you accountability.

You’ll discuss changes you want to make with the other members and they’ll hold you to it.

It’s like a support group where you have to stick with your plan or you’ll feel as if you let them down.

Valuable Feedback from Your Peers

During meetings, you can pitch any wild idea you have to your peers, and you’ll get immediate feedback from people who know what they’re talking about.

You get to test out marketing ideas before you unleash them on the public.

Other members may have advice for improving your ideas before you launch.

Opening up to Your Group

A mastermind group offers a confidential space to discuss sensitive matters and get advice.

The groups run using the Chatham House Rule which enables openness of discussion

Under the Chatham House Rule, anyone attending the group meeting is free to use information from the discussion, but they are not allowed to reveal who made any particular comment.

In this environment, you can open up without fear of judgement or leaking confidential information.

It offers an open, accepting atmosphere where you can talk about anything troubling you.

Gain Uncommon Knowledge

This meeting is an exclusive place where you receive value that you won’t get in any web search, online forum, or information product.

It’s a place to pick up uncommon knowledge that only comes from industry insiders.

Encouragement and Inspiration

Your group members will cheer you on as you confront challenges with ideas they’ve helped you brainstorm and push yourself to the next level.

It energises you to know that your peers are there for you.

This energy and momentum will keep you on track and enable you to grow much further than you ever imagined.

Inner Circle is Link’s Mastermind Group

The Inner Circle is the Mastermind Group of Link Management Group.

Inner Circle is where you will meet our elite members.

Imagine being in a group of successful, like-minded, entrepreneurs.

These are NOT people that just sit around talking about untested theories.

They are real people who are in the trenches, running one or more businesses, everyday.

That is why we receive hundreds of requests to join Inner Circle.

But applications are only made available to a few, and even fewer of those applications are accepted.

Before You Apply

With that in mind, here are some things to consider;

  • You must have been a Link Management Group Associate Member for at least 12 months.
  • Owners of established businesses, as well as founders of funded startups, are invited to apply.
  • If your business is still in “idea mode” or isn’t yet capable of producing a return on investment from your membership, please do not apply.
  • You have to be willing to share. Every Inner Circle member is required to share their victories as well as their embarrassing failures in great detail. If this bothers you, please don’t apply.
  • More importantly, if you are not willing to execute on the amazing ideas you hear within our Mastermind Group, then again, please don’t apply.

The application window opens each year for just 30 days.

We send invitations to apply to qualifying Associate Members on 1st August each year.

Those who wish to accept our invitation are asked complete a confidential application form.

These applications are then reviewed by a panel of existing Inner Circle members.

We notify successful applicants on 1st September, who join their first Inner Circle meeting later that month.

I hope you will consider joining our Inner Circle at some point.

Even if you are not ready now, it is something to consider for the future of your business.

The joint ventures and partnerships formed by Inner Circle members have transformed businesses and lives.

One connection, or one good idea shared, could easily be the missing link between you and unimaginable success.

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