Why Aren’t You Achieving Your Goals?

do what you love - knowing your Why

We all know how important it is to set goals.

But why are these goals so difficult to actually achieve?

No matter how hard you work, it seems like you never quite make the progress you want to.

What could be holding you back is that your goals are not aligned with your ‘why.’

First, you need to get very clear on your ‘why’ so you can set the right goals accordingly.

What Is Your ‘Why’?

Your ‘why’ is the motivation you have deep down inside to do what it is you’re doing.

Your goal is the change you want to manifest in your life.

This is the reason why you want to make that change, what it means for you.

Think about the reason behind starting your business or launching your solo freelance career.

Once you’ve identified your ‘why,’ you can set the right goals with a clear and authentic reason behind them.

Living Your Passion

If you set goals that aren’t totally aligned with your passion, they won’t help you get to where you need to go.

It’s essential that your passion is at the centre of everything you do.

It comes through all the time, in your online interactions, in your content, and in the products you develop and sell.

For example, to achieve your goals you need to create a great deal of high-quality content.

Your content includes writing, videos, podcasts, webinars and so on.

If you’re passionate about your subject area, your enthusiasm will show through.

Your passion will be infectious.

Other people who are also passionate about your topic will naturally be drawn to you and enjoy what you create.

Your ‘Why’ Keeps You Going

It takes a great deal of energy and motivation to reach any worthwhile goal.

No matter how much we want it, we all face the risk of burnout along the way.

When the going gets tough, you’ll need to lean on your ‘why’ to keep burnout at bay.

Successful people aren’t as indefatigable as they appear; they’re just consciously connected to their ‘why.’

Your passion could be to earn more so you can work less.

But remember to enjoy the extra time your Why will give you.

You might be building a business that will run by itself with multiple streams of passive income.

Achieving your earnings goal is how you’ll get there.

Making Goals Specific

Goals only work when they’re specific.

You can’t achieve a goal like, “Make more money.”

How much money is “more”?

When do you want to achieve this “more?

If you know your ‘why,’ you can set specific goals that you can then reach.

As your goal takes shape it becomes something real you can see.

To take the previous example of building multiple streams of passive income, you can determine exactly how much you need to be earning to be financially independent.

You can say “I want to be earning “xxxx” per year by “yyyyy” date.

That’s a goal for which you can truly aim.

A goal against which you can measure your progress.

If you’re going to “work less,” you can figure out exactly how many hours a week, or days per month you want free.

You can work out how much you need to earn to sustain your lifestyle.

Then, you can start planning your next vacation.

How to Discover Your ‘Why’

It all starts with knowing your ‘Why.’

Begin by asking yourself what’s holding you back.

Is your working life largely determined by other people?

How would it be different if it were all up to you?

Do you want to learn more about discovering your ‘Why?’

Over the next few weeks I will be writing more on this topic.

Click the bell in the bottom left of your browser to stay in touch.

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