5 Good Reasons a Self-Employed Professional Should Take Vacation

Vacation time

So you think you’re not justified in taking time away from your business because you’re self-employed?

Here are five great reasons why you should definitely take a vacation:

1. Physical down time
You work hard to grow and maintain your business.

Trying to be superhuman will take its toll if you allow it to.

Give your body a break by taking in some Rest & Relaxation.

2. Mental down time
Your days are filled with busy, sometimes even hectic, activities related to your business.

If you don’t allow yourself to get away from it once in a while, your peace of mind and general well-being will most definitely suffer.

Get out and play. Your mind will thank you!

3. Spend time with loved ones
Your family and friends see you working, working, working, sometimes rarely coming up for air.

If you are distracted by work all the time, even when you are with them you are not really “there”.

Take time to completely switch-off from your business.

Relax and pay attention to your friends and family.

Both you and they will appreciate spending some quality time together.

4. See the world (or your own back yard)
As entrepreneurs we all enjoy our work.

But, the important thing with a break is to get away and do something else you enjoy.

Traveling broadens the mind. But if that’s not your cup of tea or you don’t have the budget for it yet, a staycation at home can be fun.

But, if you also work out of your home, this could be challenging.

The key is to stay out of your office, and away from your computer, during your vacation time.

Try getting creative with this.

Make your office “off limits” by closing the door and placing a sign on it.

Do whatever it takes to keep your mind off working.

How about a hobby or a day trip to the beach?

Think of what you can do within your budget that’s fun.

Or do nothing at all!

5. You have a life
Although this one is a no-brainer, it surprises me how many small business owners don’t feel they deserve time off.

There is too much to do, and not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Well, I’ve got news for you. After 30 years of being an entrepreneur, I can tell you it’s always going to feel that way!

Only you have the power to allow yourself time off.

Even if you prefer only to take a day here and a day there instead of a week-long (or longer) vacation, that’s a whole lot better than never taking time off at all.

Trust me, you’ll feel better about yourself and your work if you take regular vacation time.

You’ll be healthier, too!

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