3 Simple Ways to Increase Sales with LinkedIn – Video Mini-Training

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1: Create a Call to Action.  

On your personal and company profiles, you should communicate clearly who you are and what you do. 

Then remember to include a call to action in your profile summary. 

Tell your profile visitors exactly what you’d like them to do. 

The call to action should be simple and ask one thing only. 

Ask visitors to give you a call

Or ask them to send you an email

Or tell them to visit your website to subscribe to your mailing list.

2: Start an Industry-Specific LinkedIn Group.  

Running a LinkedIn Group will help to position you as a leader in your industry. 

Set up your group with a clear focus.

Publish a couple of posts to set the tone of your group.

In the group description, make sure you define precisely who the members of your group should be. 

For example:   This group is for individuals with more than xx years of experience in the striped paint industry.  

Then, send invitations to people who fit your membership description and who you respect within your industry.

Being able to tell people that you are the founder and chairman of your industry group will raise your status.

Increased status within an industry is valuable to open doors and improve your ability to secure meetings. 

3. Actively Participate in the LinkedIn Conversations

Demonstrate your expertise and abilities by giving helpful answers to questions asked in groups and on personal posts. 

Many personal and group posts invite comment, suggestions and opinion. 

Make it a daily task to comment on, or answer, at least one relevant post. 

Do not use your comment as an excuse to pitch yourself or your company. 

Do ensure that your answer adds value to the conversation. 

If you are consistent at doing this you will soon become recognised as someone with authority and knowledge who can actually help.

When the time comes that someone in your network needs to hire a expertise to overcome a challenge in their business, who do you think they are going to choose;  the person who claims to have expertise, or the person who has already shown she can help, by actually being helpful?

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