Use Live Video to Grow Your Audience

Live Streaming with a Smartphone

Are you still thinking about whether or not you should get into live video?

If you’re on the fence about whether to invest in this online marketing strategy, you should keep in mind that it’s an extremely low-cost.

The rise of YouTube and Facebook Live streaming shows that video is the popular way to grow and engage your audience.

Here are the reasons you should be investing in livestreams.

Audience Engagement

Live video offers a great way to engage your audience.

Not only can they watch your video, but they can also comment and ask questions in real time.

In this way, they actually become part of the content itself.

You can reply to comments and answer questions to create an authentic personal experience.

It is that personal connection that gets your audience members coming back for more.

Live Streaming is Easy for You

Live video is much easier to do than regular video marketing.

There’s little planning involved and low production value.

You can launch whenever you’re ready to go live and there’s no post-production required.

Livestreams; where the host simply talks about a topic and takes questions and comments, are extremely popular and engaging.

Watching Live Streams is Easy for Viewers

It’s extremely easy for viewers as well.

If they come across your livestream on their social media news feed, they can join you with just one click.

Make your content easy for your potential audience members to find by using an enticing title, together with a good description.

Make sure you also use plenty of relevant hashtags.

Live Streaming Offers Many Opportunities to Engage

Because live streaming is so easy to do, you can create more content to publish and attract new people.

Some streamers go for hours and hours, answering questions, talking on various topics, or just hanging out with their fans.

Since it’s so easy to do, you can do it every day, and watch your audience grow.

Repurposing Your Live Content

With some platforms, you can record your live streams and clip out bits to use later as regular video content.

This allows you to get more out of your efforts.

You can use these pieces of content for SEO.

Put these clips on YouTube, Instagram or other social media with good keywords so they’ll get found in searches.

Live Video is Popular

Finally, you should be using live video to grow your audience because it’s exceedingly popular.

Marketing studies show that well over 50% of people in their teens, twenties, and thirties regularly watch live streams.

This number is only rising as it becomes more popular.

What was once the domain of gamers is now popular with all demographics across the board.

Getting Started with Live Streaming

Are you ready to get started?

You can pick a platform, get ready, and start streaming right now.

If you have a smartphone, you already have all the equipment you need.

But even better, take some time to plan your live video strategy and work it into your overall marketing mix.

Identify your goals, get to know your target audience, and choose the topics you’ll discuss.

A well-planned live video strategy will have the greatest impact on your viewers.

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