Turn Sales Objections into Opportunities

Turn Objection into Opportunity

How do you succeed in sales?

The key to success is maintaining a positive attitude.

You’re not trying to sell to the prospect but rather to find a suitable solution to their problems.

During this conversation, the prospect will probably voice objections.

If you are new to sales, objections can be discouraging or frustrating.

But you can turn these objections into opportunities.

You can learn how to improve how you describe your offering as the right solution for them.

Start by Listening

The first thing you should do when your prospect raises an objection is to hear them out.

Listen well and repeat back so you make sure you clearly understand them.

Doing this will also show to your prospect that you understand.

They are giving you valuable feedback about their concerns.

Try to understand the psychology behind the objection.

For example, if the prospect says the price is too high, it may be the expression of a trust issue.

They might not be sure that the product is going to adequately solve their problem.

You can address this by explaining the features and benefits more fully.

Help them to imagine what their life will be like using the product.

Once they can visualise this positive future outcome for themselves your price will appear reasonable.

Reduce the Chance of Price Objections

Pricing objections are among the most common.

Prospects often object that a product is too expensive.

This might be because they have a limited budget or they received a lower quote from a competitor.

But it also might be that they don’t yet see the true value of the product.

It’s generally best to save pricing discussion for the end of the conversation when they understand your product’s unique value.

Be Transparent

It’s important that you show your prospect that you’re not just trying to dump a product on them.

Be transparent about what you’re doing.

Show them that you’re trying to work with them to find a solution.

When they raise an objection, address it and take on the part of the customer.

For example, you may find that they’re objecting because they don’t feel they need the product now.

Rather than trying to convince them they need it urgently, ask some questions that will clarify their needs.

You can then assess objectively and prove to them the value of purchasing now.

Focus Your Sales on Solutions

When a prospect brings up an issue, you may naturally delve into product details or features to show how it overcomes the issue.

But keep in mind the bigger picture.

Focus on the solution that the prospect is searching for.

Address each objection showing how your product offers this solution or not.

Maintain a Positive Mindset

No matter what the objection is, it’s essential to stay positive.

Many salespeople get frustrated with these issues, feeling that the person is trying to think of reasons to not buy.

But actually, each issue is valuable feedback that is helping you learn more about the prospect and reach the end of the negotiation.

An objection may also reveal that the prospect needs different or more products to fully meet their needs.

You may walk away selling them more than you anticipated!

Think of it this way and you’ll be better able to handle objections with a positive attitude.

Are you enjoying my series on sales objections? Let me know in the comments below.

Next time I’m going to explain how you can prepare for sales objections so you don’t get surprised.

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