Qualities of a Great Business Coach

qualities of a great business coach

Anybody can learn the right skills and become an effective business coach.

You just have to master the coaching mindset.

The first step is to assess your own skills and mindset.

Then, you know what to work on.

Here are the qualities of a great business coach.

How do you measure up?


Empathy is absolutely essential for coaching.

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Empathy is essential for coaching because your job is to help your client and facilitate.

You have to take on the part of your client to do that.

It’s also necessary so you can build the right rapport with your clients.


Coaching clients have a tendency to think and ruminate but not take action.

Your role as coach is to gently push them to take action on their plans and ideas.

It helps a great deal if you’re action-oriented yourself.

If you’re not naturally action-oriented, this is a quality you can nurture and improve.

Unafraid of Challenges

You need to push your clients to meet their challenges and overcome them.

If challenges scare you and keep you up at night, this is an area you’ll need to work on.

Think of a challenge as an opportunity for growth and also understand that failure is a valuable learning experience.


To manage several clients and the work they’re doing, you’ll need to be highly organised.

If you’re constantly forgetting where each client is at in their business journey, you won’t be able to serve them well.

It’s good to learn some organisational skills and take advantage of software and other tech help to keep you organised.

Know Your Strengths

Each coach has their own niche that they occupy.

You should have a good understanding of your own expertise and experience, and what type of clients are best served by your coaching.

Specialising will help you get clients who are interested in that specialisation.

Knowing your strengths will also help you screen potential clients to determine if you’re a good fit or not.

Understand Your Clients

You also need a deep knowledge and understanding of your clients.

Before you get started, create a target client persona.

This will help you clarify the type of clients you ideally want to work with.

You should constantly seek feedback from clients so you can learn more about them for even better targeting.

The Right Skills

As a coach, you are pushing your clients to grow.

But you also have to keep growing yourself.

Even if you get a certification from a professional accreditation organisation, you still need to keep improving your skills and grow as well.

Put in the time and effort, and your coaching will be a win-win for you and your clients.

In conclusion, a great business coach should have extensive knowledge in their field, be able to articulate their ideas clearly, be patient and understand different learning styles, possess excellent people skills, and be passionate about what they do.

All of these qualities work together to create a successful coaching experience for both the coach and the client.

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