How to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

Customer Support Agents

Customer Service is not just about answering questions. 

More times than not, customers are contacting you to report an issue. 

It is important that these issues be handled quickly. 

Many companies use what are called canned messages. 

These are prewritten responses that the company can then personalise.

This is an easy way to make quick contacts during slow hours.

When the client types a question in, the software recognizes it and automatically provides a relevant response. 

The system is not perfect by any means.

The best customer service is achieved by using real agents to answer customer questions.

When you train these agents, try to train those with a high aptitude for empathy.

Customers may be irritated or even angry.

Agents need to be able to calm them, comfort them, and fix the problem.

If you have a technical product or service, it is usually good to have two lines of contact, the first being the empathetic person, and the second being the tech.

Be Ready for Anything

When it comes to business, anything can happen.

For example, your web hosting server goes down. 

This will cause your web site to go down as well. 

A way to mitigate issues is to send an email out to your customers, letting them know of the difficulties.

You can also send out a browser alert notification to your subscribers using services such as Gravitec

Whatever method you use, make sure you have it ready to deploy at a moment’s notice so you can get ahead of the situation.

Show Customers You Care

Showing care and responsibility goes a long way with customers.

It gives them a sense of security when dealing with your company.

Those that feel safe with you will have an easier time spending money with you.

Being ahead of the game is a excellent customer service practice,

Being able to pre-empt customer questions is a great way to save your company a lot of customer headaches. 

Setting and exceeding expectations is vital. 

Showing you have thought about your customer’s experience goes a long way to building trust. 

Welcome and Update Your New Customer

Sending a Welcome Videos to your customer – right after they have completed their purchase will allow you to explain to your customers what they can expect.

Follow-up emails accomplish this as well. 

Try sending an automated email every day for a week after purchase. 

This will encourage the customer to use the service they just purchased. 

Use your common sense and think about the kinds of things that impress you when you are dealing with a company. 

Implement those into your customer service routine.

By paying attention to your customers and having a robust service infrastructure to support them will help you keep your clients and persuade them to buy more from you.

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