Visualise to Succeed

Visualise your Success

When asked what they want in life, many people will say they want to be successful.

But “Success” means different thing to different people.

Some may think that to succeed you must be a good parent.

Others will think that to succeed means that your bank balance is a million dollars or more.

There are those who think success can be measured by their rise to a position of power and authority.

While others have a much more simpler approach. For some they think that if they wake up still breathing, then they have succeeded.

Regardless of what your definition is for Success, all have one thing in common – they first began as a thought.

Every human that has striven for their own Success Experience has imagined what success will look like for them.

They chose at a subconscious level what it will take for them to feel that they have succeeded in their life.

Then having imagined success, many stop using their minds to picture Success, and start using it to work out how to get there.

The tragedy is that to get “there”, you must keep using your mind to see the end result.

Here is an example:

You are a professional sports player.

All your life you have wanted to be the person to lift the trophy at the end of the season.

You will have worked with your team to beat the other players in the competition.

The idea came to you when you were 9 years old.

Ever since then, you have gone to bed each night imagining yourself holding that trophy. You imagine seeing yourself having completed the task that will make you a Success.

Most likely, many thousands of athletes have had that dream.

We know at least one very famous athlete did.

Michael Jordan thought constantly about winning the NBA championship.

This vision set him on a path to become one of the most dominating players in the basketball game ever seen.

When you direct your brainpower to seeing the result you want to achieve, it becomes the fuel to drive your actions.

Visualising your ultimate result in your mind gives you the energy to chase after the goal.

Visualising also helps you prepare yourself for the eventual outcome of success.

When you have thought and worked and strived toward your ultimate goal for so long, when it eventually comes your way, you know deep-down that you deserve it.

You have every right to enjoy the money, accolades, compliments, and praise that your success brings.

Instead of reacting to your success with shock, you will accept your success as totally normal.

After all, you have seen yourself achieving this result for years, so it is about time, right?

So, how do you work to visualise your success?

The good news is you already know what to do.

You daydream.

This may sounds a bit weird.

Visualisation is just daydreaming.

But visualisation is daydreaming with a purpose.

Visualisation is imagining yourself doing the thing or having the thing that you have determined to equal success.

If your Success is having a wonderful family, you imagine that.

Imagine the peaceful home environment.

Imagine the well-adjusted children.

Imagine yourself as the confident and assured parent that you are.

If Success for you is running a large organisation, see yourself in your large office.

Visualise yourself at the head of a boardroom table.

Imagine your staff members working hard.

Daydream about receiving calls from happy customers and clients.

Spend time each day seeing in your mind yourself reaching the Success you want.

When you visualise your success each day, you are mentally preparing yourself for that event.

Your subconscious mind will react to visualisation in the only way it can.

And because the body and mind are two parts of the same coin.

What one wants, the other has to as well.

Your body will start to act out what the subconscious mind wants.

Your body will start to find ways to achieve this vision in your mind.

This may sound a bit “woo-woo” to you.

You many not believe in any of that mind-body stuff.

But if you spend time each day visualising your success, it will help to motivate you to achieve your goals.

Before long you will see yourself doing what you so desperately want to do.

Being what you want to be

Having what you want to have.

Then tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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