Top 5 Tips for Better Productivity

productivity tips

Over the next few weeks I am going to focus my Mindset Monday articles on helping you achieve better productivity.

In work and daily life, true productivity is a goal sought after by many.

However, productivity, in general, is low across all career fields, including solopreneurship.

If you think you could do more, consider the following five tips for boosting productivity in all aspects of your daily life.

1. Prioritise Each Task

By sorting through your daily tasks and placing them in order from most to least important, you can tackle your “must-dos” first.

This way, you get the harder and more difficult tasks out of the way to allow more time to complete smaller, less significant tasks.

While those more important tasks can sometimes be time-consuming and require more mental or physical energy, completing them will feel far more rewarding than accomplishing a much smaller feat.

2. Set Short, Medium, and Long Term Goals

Setting tiered goals allows you to work toward a bigger picture while also accomplishing several smaller goals in the process.

If you are a rewards-driven individual, this tip will benefit you even more.

When you can physically see the progress you’re making toward a bigger goal, you’re more likely to keep working at it until you finish.

For example, let’s say you work in advertising and you have the ultimate goal of landing a market leader in a particular sector.

While your capstone goal may be to win a major account, a medium-sized goal could be to win 10 smaller accounts in the same niche.

Your smaller goals should then revolve around how to attract these smaller accounts you can achieve the medium goal.

In other words, your small goals should feed your medium goals.

Then, your medium goals will feed into your long-term goal.

3. Give Yourself a Weekly Productivity Review

At the end of each work week, takes a few minutes to reflect on your progress of that week.

Making this a part of your weekly routine will give you the chance to see the areas in which you excelled.

You will also be able to identify any areas that may need extra attention next week.

Making this a regular practice will also help you stay accountable for any goals you’re currently working toward.

4. Set Boundaries With Yourself and Others

Limit the time you spend with people who don’t lift you up, or who create a negative influence on your life.

You don’t need to completely cut them off completely.

Just set firm boundaries so they won’t distract you from the important tasks you need to complete.

We often hear about the need to set boundaries with others in our life, but the same holds true in setting boundaries with yourself.

If you’re struggling with productivity, assess the areas that need work and set rules to follow.

For example, if your first thought as soon as you get on your computer to work is to also log on to social media, you may want to set a limit.

Social media is excellent at keeping up with friends and family but it can be massively counterproductive.

Set aside time to be ‘social’ so it doesn’t distract you when you need to get work done.

5. Know When to Step Back

Although productivity generally goes hand in hand with hard work, sometimes productivity involves taking breaks.

If you’re burnt out over something, you’re less likely to work quickly and efficiently.

Taking a break when you feel like you’ve hit a wall allows you to come back with fresh eyes and a renewed sense of determination.

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