Strategies to Grow Your Membership

Grow Membership

You have your topic idea for your new membership site, you’ve chosen a platform to host it on, and you’re ready to go.

The next big challenge is to get people to sign up and join your site.

Here are 9 easy methods you can do to drive qualified leads to your membership site.

1. Entice with a Freebie

One of the simplest and most effective methods is to offer something as an incentive for signing up.

A good idea is to offer a free information product like an eBook or video course that doesn’t cost you anything to make.

People love to get something for free and it offers a taste of your expertise.

Other ideas include a deep discount or free trial.

2. Start a Blog

Create a blog to drive traffic to your membership site.

Write about topics related to your site’s topic.

Focus on reader questions and problems and offer solutions through your blog posts.

The posts should be purely informational and include a call-to-action and link to your site.

3. YouTube Videos

Create short videos and post them on YouTube.

In each video, take one customer problem or question and address it.

Offer a solution and tell people they can find more exclusive content on your membership site.

4. Be Active on Social Media

Build a large, active following on social media.

Use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to offer helpful content and build relationships through genuine interactions with others.

In your profile, include a link to your membership site.

Most of your social media content should be based on helping people, but sometimes tell them about your site as well.

5. Team up and Cross Promote

Join forces with another business in your niche and promote to each other’s audiences.

For best results, choose an influencer with name recognition.

In exchange for them promoting your membership site to their audience, help them by telling your audience about them.

6. Start a Referral Program

Give your members an incentive for telling others about your site.

Again, your incentive can be a freebie that costs you nothing, like a digital info product, a discount on products, or some free coaching sessions.

7. Create an Affiliate Program

Create an affiliate program where other content creators can promote your membership site for a commission.

8. Offer Free Educational Opportunities

Offer free webinars where you teach something related to your site’s topic and answer questions.

While the event is focused on a specific topic and helping your participants solve their problems, mention your membership site and tell people what benefits they can get from joining.

9. Offer a Free Trial

Give people a chance to see what your membership site offers for free for a limited time.

This is the best way to drive home its benefits because prospective members can actually experience it firsthand.

The best way to drive traffic and boost membership is to use a mix of the above methods that work well for your target market.

Try out each and see which ones get results.

You can use feedback from your efforts to decide which methods to focus on.

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