Manifesting Your Desires Through Journaling


Manifesting,” or the practice of thinking about your desires with the purpose of making them real, has never been more popular.

But can you really use the power of your mind to change and create a different reality?

Some people say thinking about things is enough, but my view is that your desires are more likely to become real if you commit to them in writing.

Have you ever heard the saying, “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”

Well, it’s completely wrong.

The truth is, words can be the most powerful weapon.

Words are also the most powerful tool you have.

Words can form dreams, set goals, and inspire others.

When you commit those aspirations to paper on a daily basis you reinforce them.

This is why so many believe journalling is an important process for reaching your potential.

This is how to attract your desires through journaling

Journal Daily

To attract your desires through journaling, you should do it daily.

Daily journaling has been shown to increase productivity.

By writing down your goals, you make them feel more real.

That’s why you should make journaling a consistent habit.

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

Each morning, practice this awesome tool of gratitude.

Early in the morning (before you check email, turn on the TV, open Instagram, etc.), open your journal.

Write three to five pages about what you appreciate most.

Gratitude can include people, things, situations, encounters and so on, on any topic.

They can be subtle, major, serious or fun!

If you can’t fill three to five pages at first, aim to fill one page.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

Release perfection and focus on consistency.

The more you journal, the easier it will become.

Let journaling be an inspiration instead of a chore.

Rather than writing to be the best writer, write because it’s fun.

Write because you want to.

Write for whatever reason motivates you.

Perfection doesn’t exist, and it’s better that way.

You’re not perfect, so don’t expect yourself to write the perfect journal!

Write in the Present Tense

On a regular basis, write about your ideal life as if that was how you are already living.

Instead of writing about how much you want to live in New York, write about moving there.

Write about what your daily life looks like in New York.

Allow yourself to feel your desires as attainable.

Your desires are within your grasp, and writing as if you already had them will make them feel that much more achievable.

Stay Focused on Your Desires

Focus is powerful.

By being very specific about what you desire, you’ll be able to write in specifics.

By writing in specifics, you will be able to write in more detail, and will discover more about yourself and your desires.

With such strong words, you will feel intrinsic motivation.

This means that your action will be more powerful since it is coming directly from you.

So, get out your journal and write about your desires in the most specific terms possible.

There’s no such thing as being too specific when it comes to getting what you want.

Visualise Your Desires

When you’re writing, try to focus on what you want to experience rather than the accomplishment or material thing itself.

Let’s say, for example, you desire a Lamborghini.

Visualise how you will feel in the car, how it will feel to drive it across the country.

Feeling those things and writing about them will be much more powerful than just picturing how the car will look in your garage.

That one was kind of silly, let’s try something more realistic.

Let’s say you have a dream business you want to run.

That dream business is so much more than a label on your door or a logo on your business card.

Picture how much you will love what you do, and the purpose you will feel.

Then write it all down.

Try to imagine and write about a new aspect of your future life every day.

Then remember to include in your journal whenever one of your desires becomes a reality.

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