How to Use Podcast Guesting as Free Marketing

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Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years and their popularity is only growing.

There are thousands of shows covering every possible topic, and podcast listeners are one of the most engaged audiences you can find.

Podcasts offer a great way for people to learn something new on-the-go while commuting to work, doing the dishes, exercising, and going about their daily lives.

Appearing as a guest on podcasts is a great marketing strategy that doesn’t cost anything at all.

Why You Should Be a Podcast Guest

Appearing as a guest on a podcast exposes you to a whole new audience of people who could potentially become your customers.

You’re getting direct access to a group of engaged listeners and a chance to share your expertise and help them with a problem they’re facing.

If they found what you said to be valuable, they’ll look you up and enter into your marketing funnel.

Another reason this a great strategy is that it’s free and relatively easy to get started.

Being a guest is much easier than running your own podcast or creating your own content.

Find the Right Podcasts

The first step is to find the right podcasts to appear on.

Your first instinct might be to look for big ones that have a huge following.

But actually, it’s better to target small shows that are tightly focused on a specific topic.

Start by identifying your target audience and finding podcasts that share the same audience with you.

If you target the wrong show, the audience won’t be interested in what you have to say and won’t follow you.

They need to be people who share the same issues and concerns as your audience.

Also, look for a show with a highly engaged following. Engagement is much more important than the number of listeners.

Prepare Your Pitch

Approach the podcasts you identified with a solid pitch.

Your pitch should briefly tell the podcast host who you are and why they should put you on their show.

Explain how your appearance will benefit the show and its audience.

When you contact the show, offer 2-3 topics you can cover.

Pick topics that are helpful for their audience and that you know a great deal about.

This will be their audience’s first point of contact with you, so choose topics that show you in your best light.

How to Do a Great Podcast Interview

Since this is the first time the show’s audience will hear you, you should take some time to prepare for your appearance.

Make sure you know your topic inside and out.

Talk with the host beforehand about what you will discuss.

It might be good to get a list of the questions they’ll ask.

You should also make sure your tech is ready.

The only equipment you really need is a good microphone and headphones.

The sound quality matters, so use something more than your phone’s built-in microphone.

Check to make sure everything works before the actual interview.

During the interview, speak clearly and use notes to keep you on track if you feel that would be helpful.

Along with the information you’re sharing, give the audience a strong call-to-action and tell them where they can connect with you.

Making the Most of Your Podcast Interview

Where do you send the show’s audience?

A good idea is to mention your social media presence and tell them what benefits they’ll receive from connecting with you there.

You can also direct people to a lead magnet where you capture their name and email address and can then market to them.

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