How to Attract Business Coaching Clients

find business coaching clients

How do you get business coaching clients?

You identify the right person who can benefit from your coaching, create an offer that explains your benefits, and then put it in front of them.

If you can make that connection and speak the right language, you’ll get more clients than you can handle.

Here are 6 simple ways to get your offer in front of your target market.

Your Business Coach Website

You can advertise your coaching services everywhere you are online, but you should also have a site dedicated to it.

It could be a page on your existing website or a standalone site just for this service.

The goal of the site is to introduce you and explain what you do in terms of the value clients get from hiring you.

A separate page can have packages and prices and a form where they can sign up for more information.

Don’t forget to also include a privacy policy that clearly explains how you use and protect client data.

Join a Professional Coaching Organisation

There are many benefits to joining a professional coaching organisation.

The benefits include training, networking opportunities, and access to resources.

But professional organisations can help you get clients as well.

Being certified with a professional organisation will also help your marketing.

You can post it prominently on your site to show you’re legitimate and qualified.

It also teaches you important skills that will improve the quality of your coaching, and this goes a long way in retaining clients.

Leverage Existing Clients

If you currently offer other services, you can roll your clients into your coaching service as well.

For example, you might offer social media management for small businesses.

You may see ways they’re inexperienced and making mistakes with their social media strategy.

You can propose that you coach them and help them develop a stronger strategy with an eye on their long-term goals.

Referrals and Recommendations

Create a referral program for your existing clients so they can tell others about you.

Sign up for review websites and encourage clients to leave reviews for you there.

Word of mouth is more persuasive than even the best marketing content.

If people feel you’re truly helping them, they’ll be more than happy to tell others.

Get Public Speaking Gigs

A great way to show people the value you offer is to take advantage of opportunities for public speaking.

Connect with your local business community and give presentations on topics that are helpful for them and demonstrate your expertise.

They’ll see your value and consider your coaching services.

You can also put your public speaking events on your website to lend you more credibility.

Get Interviewed

Find opportunities where you can get interviewed.

Look for YouTube channels, podcasts, and content creators whose audiences you can help by sharing your expertise.

Focus on delivering value to listeners and get into a routine of 1-2 interviews per month.

You’ll gain valuable exposure to potential clients.

Your Coaching Starts NOW

Using the above strategies, you’ll start getting inquiries from people who are interested in what you offer.

A great way to leverage these opportunities is to start coaching NOW.

Whenever you meet someone who might become a client, start focusing on them and their business goals immediately.

Start employing coaching skills and you’ll demonstrate to the person that you can help them.

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