Does Your Freelance Business Really Need a Website?

website marketing for freelancers

There are so many places online to find work as a freelancer.

Social media, freelance sites, and online groups are usually free to use and are a great tool to secure work or spread the word about your services.

So, do you really need a website for your freelance business?

The answer is a resounding yes.

No matter what channels you use to market your business, you also need a website that’s your home on the web.

Potential Clients Will Find Your Website Through Online Search Engines

When people search for a freelance service provider, one of the first places they’ll check is Google.

If you’ve targeted a few good keywords, your site will come up in the search results and they will check you out.

Driving traffic to your site from other sources will also help with your SEO.

Your Home on the Web

The biggest advantage to having your own website is that it’s all yours.

You generally don’t have to worry about an algorithm or terms of service change knocking out your cash flow.

You’re also free to put whatever content you want on your website and promote it in any way you please.

Convey that you are professional and trustworthy

A website communicates to potential clients that you are professional and trustworthy.

People generally expect a legitimate freelance business will have its own web presence.

Even if you focus on getting clients through other channels like social media or word of mouth referrals, a website is still an important asset to establish your credibility.

Multiple Opportunities for Branding

As your site is your own home on the web, you can use it to further brand your business.

Your domain name and site design will help to create an image in the mind of your target audience.

You can also blog on your website.

Writing interesting and valuable articles helps you demonstrate your expertise.

When you offer value with every post it helps to build a stronger relationship with your audience.

Your Website Is Your Portfolio

For writers, graphic designers, photographers and other creatives a website is the perfect place to showcase their portfolio.

Not all social media profiles offer this feature.

You can update your site from time to time with new samples for potential clients to see.

Then link your portfolio to your blog, telling a story about each piece of work you post.

Minimal Costs

Although there are some costs to create your own website, ongoing hosting is very reasonable. Compared to other forms of marketing, the cost of a website is minor.

Writing and designing your site takes some time and effort.

But it the work to build your own site is no more time-consuming than setting up accounts and establishing a presence on social media sites.

The big difference is your site belongs to you, not the social media company.

Maximising Your Online Marketing Opportunities

The best strategy is to look for work on social media and in online groups.

But you should also maintaining your own website as a place to call home.

Try as much as possible to drive traffic from these social media sources toward your own site.

The more people who visit your site from social media, the higher it will rank with search engines.

Keep Your Website Visitors Coming Back

Once you have attracted a visitor to your website, it is important to keep them coming back.

Offer to send them a newsletter.

Give them access to download some valuable information.

Make visitors an irresistible offer in return for their email address.

Once your visitors are on your mailing list, you can continue to keep them in touch with your business.

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