Creating a Killer Company Page on LinkedIn

Welcoming Company Page

As a freelance service professional, you need your company image to be ……. professional.

Nowhere is this more important than on the professional networking platform – LinkedIn.

The focus of your business presence on LinkedIn should be your company page.

Your company page needs to be eye-catching and accurately represent your business.

Here are the top tips for creating a LinkedIn company page that will grab the attention of your audience.

Choose an Eye-Catching Banner

The first thing that most customers will see on your company page is the banner image.

So it makes sense that the banner you choose is recognizable and represents your brand.

Clients and potential customers form a mental connection between this image and your company.

If the image is crisp and professional – that is what they will think of your business.

Want to emphasise your creativity? Pick an image which will display your best work.

Try to avoid using an image from a library.

Your company is unique – and so should be the image you use to present it.

Craft Your Wording

Your profile page isn’t your website. It does not need to go into great detail about every aspect of your business.

Like all good marketing, you should write from the perspective of your perfect client.

Describe your customers needs, wants, desires and how these can be addressed.

If you are a health and fitness coach, talk about your client’s weight goals.

Sell accounting services? Describe how they can relieve themselves of the complexity and confusion of balancing the books.

The wording you choose should give your visitors just enough information to identify how you can help them.

Avoid using industry jargon, TLA (three letter abbreviations) and obvious SEO search terms.

Use plain english and be as brief as possible.

Always Give Visitors a Reason to Connect.

Remember, you want to attract potential clients and have them make contact with you.

If they get all the answers they need from your page, there is no reason to connect.

Offer a free eBook or information pack for those who want to know more about your business.

Ask potential clients to send you an InMessage to request a copy.

Welcome Visitors with a Video

Without doubt, the most effecive online marketing today is video.

Add a quick, 30 second welcome video to your page.

Services like InVideo or WarmWelcome provide all the tools you need to create a short video greeting.

Write and rehearse a script which will summarise your company as well as the products and services you offer.

If you are shy, you don’t have to appear on camera – but it is better if you do.

Otherwise, narrate a brief video presentation and remember to keep your voice cheery and welcoming.

Keep Your Company Page Up-to-Date

You cannot just set and forget your company page.

Keep it updated with news about your products and services.

LinkedIn uses this information to help other members search for you.

Make sure your contact information is always accurate and complete.

Use the Updates feature to publish new articles, news stories and examples of your work.

If you publish something new on your company webpage, remember to post the link as an update on LinkedIn.

When your LinkedIn company page looks active, visitors will know you are busy helping people with similar needs.

These are just a few suggestions you can use to make your LinkedIn company page attractive to your audience.

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for business to business marketing.

I believe in LinkedIn so much I’ve put together a no-holes-barred training course to help you get the most from it.

The course is called LinkedIn Success and you can read all about it here: LinkedIn Success.

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