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If you have spent much time researching online marketing, you always hear that you need to build a list.

Success in digital marketing is all about having a large and highly engaged email list.

But having a massive list of subscribers isn’t helpful if you don’t know what to do with them.

First, you have to define where email marketing fits into your sales funnel.

Then, you can take advantage of your list and get the most value out of it.

Your Business’s Sales Funnel

Every business has a sales funnel.

The top of the funnel is where potential customers initially discover your business.

If they’re interested, they pass into the funnel where your relationship with them deepens.

As the lead moves through the funnel, you make offers to them and get to know them.

They also get to know you.

As they move through the funnel your relationship strengthens.

If done well, when your prospects reach the bottom of the funnel, you make your offer and they buy.

Building Relationships with Your Email List

Some people say that the value of a business is in the list.

This is not strictly true.

The real value is in the quality of relationship you have with your list.

Email marketing is a useful tool for building that relationship.

When your subscribers enter the top of the funnel they’re expecting to receive value from you through your content.

Initially, a new subscriber is an unqualified lead.

You qualify them by offering valuable content including small offers.

If a person takes you up on a small offer, this tells you they’re the right match for your business and they’re willing to spend money on your offerings.

Others will unsubscribe from your list or remain inactive.

This tells you that these individuals are not the right fit.

They won’t buy when you make higher ticket offers.

Why Email Marketing Works for Qualifying Leads

The advantage of email marketing over other communication channels, like social media or blogging, is that it’s highly personal.

Your messages go straight into the person’s email inbox.

They signed up to receive these messages from you because your message appeals to them.

The best practice with email lists is to offer high-value and exclusive content that focuses on solving problems using your unique expertise.

This is what builds a close relationship.

Your subscribers should look forward to your messages and see you as their go-to person for information on this topic.

As well as informational messages, you can start mixing in small offers at first.

As you see those small offers succeed, build gradually bigger and bigger offers to really qualify those leads.

Narrowing the Sales Funnel

You may choose to segment your email list into buyers and non-buyers.

Some people will just enjoy the free content but not spend any money.

Others will take you up on your offers.

Good email systems will let you tag the people on your list.

This way you can add a tag to those who have accepted an offer, or bought a product.

Gradually you can profile everyone on your list and know how they are likely to respond to your offers.

Ryan Levesque’s book, Ask is a brilliant masterclass on how to do this.

An email list is best used as an avenue for building relationships with your market.

But first, you need to identify where it fits into your overall sales funnel.

In other words, where is the subscriber coming from when they come to your list, and where do you want them to go?

This is how you can make the best use of your email list and realise it’s value.

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