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A lot of people are under the impression that if you just find high quality services on sites like Fiverr, then it’s all smooth sailing from that point on.

How I wish that were the case.

If all it takes was to get the very best and most competent service provider on Fiverr that charges a low rate and simply repackage that person’s services, I would’ve been a millionaire a long time ago.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way the game works.

People are not stupid.

People know that Fiverr exists.

Chances are the people you are trying to advertise to have visited Fiverr at least once before.

Don’t think that just because you can buy low on Fiverr and sell high somewhere else that you have got it made.

It doesn’t work that way.

If you really want to deliver on the goal of buying something low and selling it on a much higher price somewhere else, you have to invest in something else.

I’m not talking about a nice looking website.

I’m not talking about putting up some sort of professional looking, online calling card.

I’m talking about something more.

We need to think big and long term.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about you developing relationships.

If you want to really make money with value added reselling, you need to develop the right relationships with the right influence leaders on the internet.

These are the people with existing audiences that can pass on their brand legitimacy and credibility to you.

You’re basically recommended by these people.

You’re basically vetted by these people.

When that happens, chances are a lot of their followers would give you a shot.

They will give you the benefit of the doubt.

If your resold services are up to the job, you stand to gain repeat business from these people.

All it took was reaching out to influencers who already have a following.

You may be thinking that this is pretty straight forward.

You may be thinking that you just need to find a Virtual Assistant on Cognoplus or Zirtual and you’ll be golden.

It’s much more complicated than that.

While getting low cost virtual assistants is definitely part of the picture, it’s not the complete picture.

You have to build a relationship.

What are the steps to building profitable online relationships?

The rules are slightly different from building credibility and authority offline.

1. You Need to Grab Attention.

I am not talking about gently asking for permission or slightly getting attention.

I am talking about grabbing it.

You have to be assertive.

You have to assert yourself and be confident.

2 Build a Reputation for High Quality Content

That’s right, you have to knock the ball out of the park when trying to get your brand across.

You have to deliver solid content.

As Cal Newport wrote in his book, you have to be “so good they can’t ignore you.

People must be able to spot the value you bring to the table a mile away.

3. You Must be Familiar With the Solutions You are Promoting.

This goes beyond mere liking and credibility.

You have to become the “go to” solution in your niche.

4. You have to Build Trust in the Relationships

You have to be so trustworthy that your contacts don’t hesitate to come to you first.

That is how you play the Online Reseller game.

To figure out how this works and how to put together a workable money-making reseller framework, take our course on Making Money with Fiverr.

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