Boost Your Sales With Instagram Stories

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Instagram is an extremely powerful tool for marketers and anyone selling a product.

The key reason for this is that Instagram is one of the best options for selling the “value proposition.”

The visual nature of Instagram makes it perfect for conveying not only information, but also feelings and emotions.

You can use Instagram to make your products look and feel amazing.

Look and feel are key to success when it comes to selling.

Instagram Stories take this one step further by letting you speak directly to your audience in a more interactive manner.

Here are some ways you can use Instagram Stories to make more sales.

Be Sparing with Stories

The first tip for boosting sales using Instagram stories might come as a surprise: that is to be sparing with your use of them.

The danger is that you try to use Stories too frequently, and thus end up neutering some of their most powerful properties.

Instagram Stories have the huge benefit that Instagram promotes them.

Stories appear right at the top of the page when you load your home feed.

Instagram even notifies users when you post a new Story.

But that latter feature is only present if you don’t post every two minutes.

Frequent Story posts come across (and get treated) as noise.

So wait until you have something important to say!

Build Rapport With Your Audience

Stories are fantastic for building a rapport with your audience and helping them to feel as though they know you and your business.

This is huge seeing as that familiarity will build trust.

And when your audience trusts you, they are much more likely to buy from you.

Run Polls and Ask Questions

A great way to generate content and to communicate with your audience with this in mind, is to run polls and ask questions.

You can survey your audience and this way they feel like they are engaging in conversation with you!

That engagement translates to increased ranking in Instagram, and sales.

When your audience are interacting and paying attention to your brand, it will build that sense of trust discussed above.

Behind the Veil

Stories are a great way to share information that you don’t necessarily want to post to your wall.

A post that shows you getting up in the morning, or a sneak peek at you preparing for an event, can ruin the visual language of your main feed.

This is what makes Stories so effective as they are a brief insight for your most invested followers.

Spoil your keenest followers with previews of forthcoming products.

Or use a story to give your followers the background to a recent post.

Use stories as a way to show behind the scenes and let people gain some more understanding of your product, service, and values.

Show the Value

Finally, make sure that you are using your Instagram Stories to really show the value of your product or service.

What is it that your product or service offers?

How will it benefit people and make their lives better than they were before?

By demonstrating the value, you can make sure that you build the trust and emotion that leads to a sale.

Add a link by swiping up, and you’ll see your sales skyrocket!

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