6 Ways to Earn Money From Your Blog

Monetise Your Blog

If you have a large and engaged audience, you can earn money from your blog.

It’s not hard to generate income and some bloggers even find that they can quit their full-time job and make a living blogging.

One method to earn from your blog is to show ads, but this can ruin the reader’s experience.

Here are 6 other ways to monetise your blog without ads.

1. Offer Premium Content

Offer free and premium content.

With your free content, offer general help with problems your audience faces.

For deeper dives, they can purchase a membership to your site for access to more.

Your free posts function as a preview of what they’ll get if they pay for your premium content.

2. Create Information Products

Create information products to sell to readers who want more of the value you have to offer.

These can be eBooks, reports, video courses, or pre-recorded webinars.

The advantages of an information product is that, unlike a blog, it will provide you passive income after you create it.

3. Publish Kindle Books

Write books on your topic to sell on Amazon Kindle.

You can then advertise these on your blog to get readers to buy them.

Offer chapters as sneak previews for readers and then lead them to your Amazon page to buy.

Like information products, this can provide a passive income.

4. Sell Affiliate Products

Along with your purely educational content, you can pitch affiliate products.

Sign up for an affiliate network and choose products your readers would love.

You can then advertise these products and services and take a good-sized commission from any sales to your audience.

Some vendors will even give you ready-made content to use.

5. Offer Coaching Services

Through your blog, you’re sharing your unique expertise to help readers solve their problems.

If they want more, they can hire you to work with them one-on-one.

Put a contact form in the sidebar of your blog to make it easy for readers who are interested.

6. Accept Donations

Many blogs, especially for non-profits, reach out to their readers for donations.

Tell them something like, “If you like what we do here, lend your support.”

You can use a service like Patreon, a ‘tip-jar‘, or donation plugin.

Not all blogs can make money through donations, but it can offer you a little income with no extra work.

3 Step Action Plan to Earn from Your Blog

  1. Build your audience first. The goal of your blog is to demonstrate your expertise and make yourself the go-to source of information on your topic. If you build a strong relationship with your audience, it’s much more likely they’ll buy.
  2. Blog consistently. All the monetisation strategies above depend on you creating regular content to keep your audience engaged and draw web traffic.
  3. Solve your readers’ problems. If you want to build a relationship and credibility fast, learn what problems your audience faces and offer solutions through your content.

The right strategy with blogging, or any kind of content marketing for that matter, is to pay it forward with value first and promote later.

If you do this right, you can earn a good income from your blog.

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