13 Secrets for Clubhouse Success

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Clubhouse is an audio-based app and social media platform. Its creators describe the platform as “a new type of social product based on voice.”

You join in on different conversations on different topics via the app.

It is like a house party where you can listen in on everyone’s conversations, occasionally asking your own questions and adding to the conversation.

You can wander from room to room and take a close look at the speakers before you settle in to join a conversation.

Some users describe the experience as a mix of panel discussions, networking opportunities, or like a podcast but live.

Like all social media networks, there are ways to stand out and get the most value from participating.

Here are thirteen quick tips to help you make the most of your Clubhouse Membership.

1. When setting up your Clubhouse profile, use the same picture you always use for your social media accounts to be recognisable.

This ensures brand recognition across Clubhouse / Instagram / Twitter.

2. Make it easier for other people to learn who you are.

Fill your bio with relevant information. Add usernames for your other social media profiles so your followers can find you elsewhere. Use keywords in your bio.

3. Prepare for every session.

Even if it’s a spontaneous one and not a scheduled discussion, decide on topics you want to discuss and the points you’d like to make. If you’re having a guest over, have a list of questions to ask them.

4. When starting on Clubhouse, preliminarily decide on what your approach should be like.

Decide what your goal is. Do you want to get to know other people and see what their opinions are? Do you want to promote a product or your business? Or you want to connect with someone? Plan ahead and make sure to focus on your goal.

5. Create an image of your target audience.

You might get other people interested as well, but your target audience are the ones who should define your approach. Choose topics that would be interesting for them, start discussions, ask questions.

6. When speaking about your product or business, make sure to think your marketing strategy through.

Don’t make an advertisement out of it, be more natural. Nobody likes to be forced to buy things, but they will be more willing to listen if you’re telling a story or explaining the benefits.

7. Don’t start talking just to make a sound.

Make sure you’re always making a point or saying something of value. It’s okay to stay quiet for a while – sometimes less is actually more.

8. Build connections with people and create a positive image of yourself, so people would be interested in inviting you to their chats.

It’s easier to get noticed if you’re actively participating in various rooms and joining not only as a friend of a friend, or a simple passer-by, but also as a moderator or co-host.

9. When speaking, make sure to be respectful towards other people.

Don’t interrupt them and don’t try to answer every person out there. Let other people talk.

10. Mute yourself when you’re not talking.

You might have some background noise that would be distracting for other people.

11. Even during informal conversations, convey a positive image.

If you misbehave or act impolitely, people won’t invite you to join their rooms and they definitely won’t join yours. For a platform built around communication, those results are quite drastic, so it’s better to keep your reputation up.

12. Moderate your room to maintain a positive atmosphere.

If people see that your rooms are chaotic and there’s no one stopping people from being rude and loud, they will be hesitant to join again.

13. Keep your audience engaged.

Some people do in fact mostly want to listen, but the majority of them wants to actually take part in conversations and events, so let them be a part of it and show them that their input matters and is in fact appreciated by you.

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