10 Ways to Create Outstanding Content

Stand Out From The Crowd

The Internet is awash with content in every niche you can imagine.

Even small, local, brick-and-mortar businesses are blogging.

Others are making YouTube videos.

Everyone is trying to drive traffic to their websites.

How can you possibly break through all this noise to reach your target market?

Here are 10 ways to make your content stand out from all the rest.

1. Create Your Own Tone and Style

With your target audience in mind, create a specific way of writing that’s unique to you.

For example; my articles on this blog.

They all share a very specific style.

Have you spotted it yet?



2. Make Your Content Personal

Share details about your life and relate to your audience on a personal level.

Don’t go overboard talking about nothing but yourself, but pepper the useful information you’re sharing with personal details.

3. Become a Master Storyteller

Learn how to tell stories and make them a central part of your content.

Each story is unique and will help to make your content engaging and effective.

4. Get Specific With Your Content

Narrow it down to a very specific segment of your market that others aren’t speaking to.

Focus on diving deep into sub-topics others haven’t covered.

5. Stay in the Know

Subscribe to email newsletters, blogs, podcasts, and other sources of up-to-date information in your niche.

Try to be the first to report on news stories and cover up-and-coming topics.

Following a variety of content creators will also give you more ideas on how to set your content apart.

6. Search for Content Ideas in Unlikely Places

Follow content in other niches.

Always be on the lookout for ideas when you read the news, watch TV, talk to friends, or work your regular job.

Sometimes you’ll get an idea on another topic that you can use in your content.

7. Create Great Brainstorming Sessions

Set aside time purely for idea generation.

Use various brainstorming techniques and get every idea down.

Later, you can go through your list and evaluate each.

8. Take the Opposite or Unpopular Position

Find something that’s common wisdom in your niche and write from the other position.

An example would be to write something like, “Social Media is Dead.”

What if it’s not actually dead?

You can use this as a title and angle for the piece to grab readers’ attention.

9. Explore new Platforms and Marketing Channels

Find out what the kids are using these days and see if you can be the first in your niche to be active there.

Stake your claim early on new platforms and your content marketing there will be unique.

10. Try Something New

Make it a point to regularly try something new.

Your content mix should always include something you’ve never done before.

You may hit on a novel and unique way of doing things nobody else is doing.

Stay open-minded and always be on the lookout for ways to make yourself unique.

Try to gain an understanding of what makes you stand out from others so you can play into this in your content marketing.

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