David Knowles-Leak

“The path to success today lies in not so much what you make or do, as to how well you utilise your people.” David Knowles-Leak helps leaders to get more of what they want for themselves and from their people and teams. He is also one of the Coaching and Development Practice Area leaders and a director of Link Performance Mamagement Ltd.

Key to his effectiveness is his experience, the materials, and processes used: investment in people is like any other investment, it must show a return, and that means engaging to deliver specific results that are measureable along the way and not just after the event.

David was a General Manager in the industrial gas group Air Products, and European Sales Director for PPG Glass; he is a proven and skilled international manger of both, highly structured and very fluid workforces. He set up an international flat glass trading company opening up new supply lines from China and the old Soviet territories; he also led a management buyout of a glass manufacturing group.

Having experienced success and failure at a high level David is a powerful communicator and he brings a very practical edge to his coaching, development, and training. He is recognised by his clients as an extremely effective business and executive coach.

Practice Areas

  • Coaching and Development
  • Chief Executives
  • Human Resources
  • Business Development

Primary Capabilities

  • Listening and analytical skills
  • First class people management; producing teams that excel
  • Result driven business and executive coaching for leaders
  • Structured coaching and facilitation for teams, managers and sales people focused on results
  • Mentoring

Core Offer

Using the following as leadership and business development mechanisms:

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • Performance Management
  • Consultancy
  • Non-Executive Roles
  • Interim Management

In order to:

  • Develop leaders
  • Increase motivation and targeting ability
  • Improve sales and profitability
  • Increase personal productivity
  • Improve people management skills
  • Encourage effective communication
  • Develop and empower teams

Primary Sector Experience

International board level experience in the following sectors:

  • Gas
  • Flat Glass
  • Shipping and Distribution

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

  • BSc Theoretical Mechanics Nottingham
  • Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management

Employment Summary

General Manager, Air Products
Managing Director, Glassexco
European Sales Director, PPG Glass
Chairman, The Glass Corporation