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Link Management Group is a network of over 30 Associates some of us have been working together for over 15 years.

All of our Associates are assessed for approval prior to joining. They have been directors or senior managers in the private and public sectors. They now operate their own businesses as Advisors, Coaches/Mentors or Interim and Project Managers.

We cover many industries, disciplines and job functions. Whatever your needs, we have access to the resources to help you to meet your challenges.

Find out more about each of us by clicking below:

  • Ian Munro

    Coaching & Mentoring People and Businesses

  • Annick Devillard

    Sales & Marketing Non-Executive Directors

  • David Knowles-Leak

    Coaching Development Cross Industry

  • Peter George

    Business Development Telecommunications

  • Phil Merison

    Chief Executives Manufacturing

  • Simon Gornall

    Interim Manager and Change Leadership

  • Rob Pinkham

    Human Resources Local Government

  • Peter Upton

    Finance Non-Executive Directors

  • Johan Fraser

    Change Management Initiatives

  • Colin Wreglesworth

    Sales Force Development

  • Kenneth Porter

    Supply Chain
    Process Improvement

  • Grahame Ball

    Coaching All Sectors

  • Shannon Banks

    World Institute for Action Learning

  • Simona D’Uva

    Human Resources Professional

  • John Truswell

    Sales and Business Development Specialist